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Leadership Opportunities

At all levels of the organization, we uphold the 17th and Wanamaker Core Values of Guests First, Teamwork, Excellence, Hustle, Growth, and Stewardship. We also strive to work by the Chick-fil-A Corporate Purpose: To glorify God by being a faithful steward of all that has been entrusted to us and to have a positive influence on all who come in contact with Chick-fil-A. We want to create a culture of care and excellence.


Progression of Employment Positions:


Part-Time Team Member ($9.25+)

  • Complete Orientation, Paperwork, and Training Packet

  • Work 18 hours per week consistently


Full-Time Team Member ($14+)

  • Availability must be from 5:30 AM - 4:00 PM every day or 2:00 PM - 10:30 PM every day

  • Work 35 hours per week consistently

  • Eligible for health insurance benefits and retirement plan (dependent on eligibility requirements)


Trainer ($10+)

  • Work 18+ hours per week consistently

  • Demonstrates Chick-fil-A core values (humble, hungry, smart; honor dignity, respect; guests first, teamwork, excellence, hustle, growth, stewardship)

  • Proficiency in at least two areas of training

  • Handle stressful positions alone

  • Calm, effective communication with team in stressful times

  • See Training Team Requirements doc for detail

  • Tangible responsibilities: Tracking New Hire progress, Delivering training-related projects


Team Leader ($12-$16+ [varies part-time and full-time])

  • Work 25-30 hours per week consistently

  • Positive performance as Trainer

  • Understanding of labor and productivity

  • Cash management (registers only)

  • Guest recovery

  • Guiding team members to the most urgent needs of the business in accordance with shift manager's direction

  • Customer Experience Monitor

  • RQA, SAFE Daily, and Quality Scores

  • Effective communication with other leaders

  • Tangible responsibilities: Jolt Checklists (curating, completing), Control labor, Position


Shift Manager ($17+)

  • Work 35-40 hours per week consistently

  • Positive performance as Team Leader

  • Documenting shift incidents (tardiness, behavior, or procedure)

  • Cash settlement (registers, safe, Loomis, InForm)

  • Taking ownership of an entire shift (utilizing resources, managing labor, searching for training opportunities)

  • Effective communication with the team (updates on scores, current issues)

  • Intangible responsibilities: problem-solving, cash management

  • Tangible responsibilities: Board for CEMs for your daypart


Director (Varies)

  • Refer to Leadership Handbook/Job Descriptions


Other roles:

  1. Facilities:

  2. Training Coordinator:

  3. Marketing/Catering Assistant


If you are ready to begin your leadership journey, please click on the links below for all the resources you need.

Chick-fil-A Corporate Opportunities:


Chick-fil-A Corporate offers short-term trainer opportunities as Grand Opening Trainers and Certified Trainers. For information about these positions, please log in to

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